AMZAllowance is here to get you your earned reimbursements and refunds.




We know what it’s like to work with Amazon. You and your team work tirelessly to manage the day-to-day interactions and operations with Amazon. The cost and struggle of doing business as  Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) partner sometimes feels insurmountable. The worst part, using their Amazon’s platform service has significantly increased your costs over the past few years – we feel your pain.


We also know how poorly Amazon can handle your inventory, imagine how carelessly they handle your data?


This is where our services come in. Our Amazon experts take over and comb through your data with a fine-tooth comb looking for Amazon’s mistakes (trust us, there are a lot of gaps). We submit cases on your behalf requesting refunds and reimbursements when and where ever appropriate. Our process identifies unique opportunites where you are owed money. Our customers can receive up to thousands of dollars in reimbursements every month!


We want you to be able to focus on what is important – running your business without worry.