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We don’t need access to your MWS or API – our sign up process is simple. We just need visibility to your orders, some reports, and the ability to open support cases. You will need to invite us to have access to your Seller Central system. No need to worry, we don’t need any admin privileges.

If you need some guidance on exactly how to do this, just follow our instructions below:

Invite AMZAllowance to be a User

From your Seller Central home page, in the top right hand corner you will find the ‘Settings’ button. When you click “Settings” a drop down will appear, select “User Permissions.”

On the new page, locate the “Add a New Seller Central User” section and use “AMZAllowance” for the “Name” field. By now, you should have received an email from us letting you know what email address to send an invitation to.

Set Permissions

1. In the Orders section, select “View“ for the “Manage Orders”

2. In the Reports section, select ‘View and Edit’ for “Payments” AND ‘View for “Fulfilment Reports”

3. In the Settings section, select ‘ View and Edit’ for “Manage Your Cases”

Click continue – that’s it! Please check the “Access is given” box below once this has been completed.

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